EdPEx Workshop for Support Units - OP


The AU Performance Excellence Committee in collaboration with the Office of Policy, Planning and Quality Assurance organized the EdPEx workshop for AU Support Units under the topic of “Organizational Profile (OP)” according to the EdPEx development and implementation plans of the support units (Phase II), on November 22, 2021, via Microsoft Teams application.


The workshop aimed to provide knowledge of EdPEx and OP writing in order to enable the support units to develop the OP effectively.


Participants: Directors and 3-5 responsible staff from 14 support units


Responsible Person(s): AU Performance Excellence Committee and Office of Policy,                                                                   Planning and Quality Assurance 


Workshop Documents: 

1.Workshop Program (click)

2.Presentation_by_Dr.Uree (pending)

3.Refection1 (click)

4.Reflection2 (click)

5. Recorded links:

            Group 1: 9.00 - 12.00 hrs. >> Link Record Part1 (click)  >> ต่อ Link Record Part2 (click)

            Group 2: 13.00 - 16.00 hrs. >> Link Record Part1 (click)  >> ต่อ Link Record Part2 (click) 

6.Summary of Participants

7.Summary of Evaluation

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