AU EdPEx Assessor Training

Date and Time: Saturday and Sunday, April 2-3, 2022

Avenue: Salle d' Expo, Assumption Hall (A) building, Hua Mak campus

Responsible Person(s): Office of Policy, Planning and Quality Assurance

With the approval of the University Council on the University’s decision to depart from the use of IQA to assess the University’s annual performance, and to embark on the employment of the EdPEx, the performance assessment of international standard and recognition, the AU Performance Excellence Committee deems it necessary for the selected Deans and program’s Chairs at the School and management at VCU level (the Value Contribution Units) to learn from the experts with direct experience in deploying the system, ranging from the detailed techniques of utilizing the system to properly assess the units’ performance quality, the total formation of students for academic units, and the service improvement for the VCUs, so as to make the effective EdPEx assessors once the system is fully deployed.

Training Documents:

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4. Summary of Participants

5. Summary of Evaluation


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