AU EdPEx Assessor Training (Session 2)

With the University’s plan to implement the EdPEx assessment procedure to assess schools’ annual performance in the academic year 2021, to ascertain the readiness of the schools in assessing their academic year 2021’s annual performance via the EdPEx system, the Office of Policy, Planning, and Quality Assurance (OPPQA) has in academic year 2021 provided the two internal trainings to the schools’ selected faculty members to equip them with the understanding of the EdPEx requirements and render hands-on SAR writing experience using the EdPEx system. The participants are included: the Deans, Associate Deans, and two potential EdPEx assessors of each school. The event held on Saturday - Sunday, June 11-12, 2022, at Salle d' Expo, Assumption University, Hua Mak Campus.


This AU EdPEx Assessor Training (Session 2) is a pre-assessment process that aims to provide insights into the standard criteria justification in EdPEx assessment, and develop EdPEx assessor skills, by the honor keynote speaker Asst.Prof. Chernchok Soankwan, Deputy Director, Thailand Science Research and Innovation (TSRI).



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