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1. How does the Baldrige Award differ from ISO 9000?

The purpose, content, and focus of the Baldrige Award and ISO 9000 are very different. The Baldrige Award was created by Congress in 1987 to enhance U.S. competitiveness. The award program promotes quality awareness, recognizes quality achievements of U.S. organizations, and provides a vehicle for sharing successful strategies. The Baldrige Award criteria focus on results and continuous improvement. They provide a framework for designing, implementing, and assessing a process for managing all business operations. ISO 9000 is a series of five international standards published in 1987 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), Geneva, Switzerland. Companies can use the standards to help determine what is needed to maintain an efficient quality conformance system. For example, the standards describe the need for an effective quality system, for ensuring that measuring and testing equipment is calibrated regularly- and for maintaining an adequate record-keeping system.

ISO 9000 registration determines whether a company complies with its own quality system. [Read More]

2. What Is a Baldrige Self-Assessment?

A Baldrige self-assessment helps organizations assess whether they are developing and deploying a sound, balanced and systematic approach for running their organization... [Read More]

3. Why Should Organizations Self-Assess?

Organizations self-assess to reveal strengths to build and opportunities to improve and implement action plans... [Read More

4. What is “core competency”?

Your organization’s areas of greatest expertise; those strategically important, possibly specialized capabilities that are central to fulfilling your mission... [Read More